About Us

Fruition Acres, established in 2015, is a small family run farm, focused on ethical and sustainable animal husbandry.

Our family always loved visiting the goats at our family friend's. One year the visit timed with kidding season and we fell in love with a little doeling that we named PollyAnna due to her freckled nose and ears. A few years later that friend reached out to us because she was making some hard cuts in the herd and Polly was up for sale. She asked if we wanted her and although we were still shopping for our property, we jumped at the chance. People board horses, why not goats? We roped a local friend with horses into boarding our new goats, Polly and her two babies, for a few months while we continued the search for our home. Summer of 2015, all our hard work and property search came to fruition and Polly, her two babies, and our family of four moved onto our property in Amboy, WA. In just a couple months, our family was venturing into dairy goats. I've always had a soft spot for floppy ears. So Nubians were the obvious choice! We purchased our first Nubian and foundation doe, Rose, in 2015. She just turned 13 and is still very much Queen of the herd.

Like many farms, we've tried our hand at a number of things [chickens, turkeys, geese, pigs, multiple breeds of goats...] before focusing in on Purebred Nubians. We still have livestock guardian dogs and a llama as our protection from predators and a small flock of bantam chickens that bring us more smiles than eggs.

We are happy you are here and look forward to talking to you about goats!

Fruition Acres