Fruition Acres Adorable Aspen GVVV 85

ADGA Registered Purebred Nubian

DOB: 2/20/2022

Sire: Running River Dotty's Elias *B
Sire's Sire: Pennyroyal Louis *B
Sire's Dam: Running River TMRR Dorothy 3*M VVEV 87
Dam: Fruition Acres Blissful Birch 2*M VE+V 86
Dam's Sire: Clarion Stratego ++A 83
Dam's Dam: Fruition Acres Faithful Violet 1*M

Aspen is calm and sweet doe. Most days found quietly in the background, enjoys scritches, but doesn't bombard you. We are looking forward to her first freshening this year!

M and B designations are milk production awards.

The letters and numbers at the ends of names are linear appraisal scores.