Running River Sprite's Clarion GGGV 84

ADGA Registered Purebred Nubian

DOB: 2/12/2021

Sire: Pennyroyal Arsenio *B
Sire's Sire: Elk Book RPF Rafferty +B VVE 90
Sire's Dam: SGPennyroyal Frida 3*M EEEV 91
Dam: Running River MD Gypsy's Sprite 4*M +V++ 84
Dam's Sire: Black Mesa Marilyn's DiMaggio +*B VV+ 86
Dam's Dam: Pennyroyal Gypsy 3*M +V++

If you've read our About page, you know that our adventures in goating started with a doe named PollyAnna. Polly was a blond Boer/Angora mix. When we narrowed our focus to just purebred Nubians, I was on the hunt for a blond purebred nubian.
Clarion is that doe! She will be freshening for the first time in 2023 and we are very excited to see how she matures!

M and B designations are milk production awards.

The letters and numbers at the ends of names are linear appraisal scores.