Fruition Acres Darling Daphne 2*M GVVV84

ADGA Registered Purebred Nubian

DOB: 3/20/2020

Sire: Clarion Stratego ++A 83
Sire's Sire: 4Petesake Eve's Perfect Storm *B
Sire's Dam: CH Pella's Triple C Hide N Seek VVEE 90
Dam: Fruition Acres Faithful Violet 1*M
Dam's Sire: My-Enchanted-Acres Red Nova *B
Dam's Dam: Amris Farm BTF Rose VEVE 90

Daphne was sold as a kid, but returned due to her owner moving out of state and we couldn't be happier to have her back! She easily earned her milk star in all categories as a first freshener in 2022!

M and B designations are milk production awards.

The letters and numbers at the ends of names are linear appraisal scores.

2023 milk test in progress

Age DIM Milk %Fat %Protein Peak Volume
1-11 285 2,028 4.4 3.5 11.3 pounds

8 pounds of milk is roughly equal to 1 gallon.

2022 Conformation Photos

Kids Born at Fruition Acres

Fruition Acres Daphne's Iris (Retained) &
Fruition Acres Daphne's Aster (Sold)

ADGA Registered Purebred Nubian Doe Twins
DOB: 3/7/2022

Sire: Running River Dotty's Elias *B
Dam: Fruition Acres Darling Daphne

Fruition Acres Daphne's Poppy (Retained) &
Fruition Acres Daphne's Bud (Available)

ADGA Registered Purebred Nubian Doe / Buck Twins
DOB: 3/22/2023

Sire: My-Enchanted-Acres HotN'Ready *B
Dam: Fruition Acres Darling Daphne